Nochrome installation instructions


  • Download and extract the files into C:\Program Files
  • Execute C:\Program Files\nochrome\install\nochrome-install.inf to create a start menu icon if you want one.


No chrome uses xulrunner, for redhat based distros install this with yum install xulrunner
When you have xulrunner installed you can install nochrome.tar.gz.

If your distro does not include xulrunner, (Ubuntu does not) install one of the versions that includes xulrunner.
Linux 64 - nochrome-x86_64.tar.gz
Linux 32 - nochrome-i686.tar.gz

Installation of nochrome is the same for each version.

  • Download the tar.gz and, as root, extract the files into /usr/lib
  • Execute /usr/lib/install/nochrome/ as root to create symlinks.
If you install to anywhere else, create a symlink called /usr/lib/nochrome before running


Mac installs are not tested, it should work, install XUL runner from Mozilla xulrunner and ensure that xulrunner is on your path. Install the Linux version of nochrome nochrome.tar.gz anywhere, run bin/nochrome to start the browser.