Nochrome the tabbed browser, simplified

Nochrome is a browser that is simple and intuitive. It has no plugins, no complicated options no themes or addons, and it has no border and no location bar.


I think you'll agree that this browser has a striking lack of chrome.


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Installation instructions

Downloads including XUL runner distributions.


The Nochrome window is moved about the desktop a little different to other apps, it is recommended that you read the help (F1) first time you use it. Navigation is optimised for laptops with touchpads, and desktops with a mouse, its worth getting to know the key bindings.

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Nochrome code is available on github so you can tweak the code and extend it how you like.

Pull requests for bug fixes and features will be greatly appreciated.

Why another browser?

Nochrome is born out of frustration with the direction of FireFox. FireFox came into the worlds as a stripped down simplified browser to replace Netscape 6 which was bloated with editors, mail and news readers and other plugins.

Since FireFox's rebirth it has grown old and got fat.


Nochrome is based on the FireFox's core, its lean, it has no plugins, it loads instantly and page loads are faster. Its a tabbed, HTML5 browser, and that it.

If you are looking for developer tools, look to FireFox/FireBug, its still the best.

Side tabs

The tabs are on the side because modern screens are wider than they are high and most websites are taller than your screen.

Vertical screen space is prime realestate.

Desktop focus

Software these days has a mobile focus, the new FireFox supports mobile, pinch to zoom and gestures.

Cool, but no help on my desktop or my laptop. Developers people seem to be forgetting that the computer still exists.

Nochrome is a desktop focused browser. It assumes you have a mouse or touchpad and a qwerty keyboard. To use Nochrome you should have one hand on the mouse and one hovering over the Ctrl and Alt keys, learn the keybindings.

Two hands work faster.

Because I can

Nochrome is based on XUL which is a fully fledged browser making framework, its taken a couple of weeks of dev to get here and its looking pretty cool already. The code is written in JavaScript, anyone who is a web dev can contribute. Technically plugins are supported but thats not the way this project is going, if you want to contribute, think usability and speed, not features.

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